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The EPPP is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for, and pass this difficult, yet essential professional examination.

If you're a psychologist or psychology graduate student you know that the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is a very demanding test. We know that you can't really pass the examination without even trying, but we've pulled together a selection of resources, advice, and study materials that will at least make the process as painless as possible. If you follow our suggestions, get a few of the study materials that we review, start preparing early, and space out your preparation over a reasonable period of time it may seem like you're not really trying. But we know that you really are trying!

Why is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology so important to your career as a psychologist? Find out here. When is the best time to begin studying for the exam? We tell you here. Do you know the foundation of passing the test? Read The Three Pillars Of How To Pass The EPPP Exam to find out. Do you know the most effective study techniques, practice exam  strategies, and content review strategies? Now's the time to learn. Should you memorize the questions and answers from practice exams? We give you the straight answers. Do flashcards help? Learn  the most effective way to use flashcards to study for the EPPP. Did you know that software exists to help you memorize key topics faster and easier? Are expensive study programs worth the price? Here's our objective opinion. What's the best commercial study program for you? We give you the straight scoop. Take a look at our reviews of the major commercial study programs, including Academic Review (AR), Association for Advanced Training in Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)PsychPrep, and The Taylor Method (TM). Should you use your old class notes and textbooks to study for the exam? We recommend some reasonably priced study materials. Check out free study materials in our reviews of the commercial test programs. Test your mastery with our Free EPPP Practice Questions. Where can you go for further information? Check out our EPPP exam resource links. And finally, on a lighter note, how about a unique psychology themed gift for yourself, or the special psychologist in your life? 

We hope that this site makes your entry into a career as a licensed psychologist a little easier, and a little faster. If you have any questions for The EPPP Study Guy please contact us or post your questions. Study well, and good luck on the examination!

Revised 8-21-2017

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Free EPPP Practice Questions Collection

Free EPPP Practice Questions Collection
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