Why You Need To Pass The EPPP Exam

by The EPPP Study Guy

Why do you need to pass the EPPP exam? Why do you need a web site that teaches you how to pass the EPPP? Why can't you just walk in, take the EPPP exam, and pass the EPPP without preparing?

The Importance of the EPPP
As a psychologist, the EPPP is one of the most important exams you will ever take.

You may have gotten all A's in your graduate psychology classes. You may have passed your comprehensive exams with flying colors. The professors may still talk about the brilliant answers you gave during your dissertation defense in hushed whispers. Your dissertation may have been published in the Journal of the American Psychological Association. And your internship director may have thought you hung the moon. But guess what...

Effects of Not Passing the EPPP
If you do not pass the Examination for the Practice of Professional Psychology (EPPP) you will not be allowed to practice as a licensed psychologist in most states in the United States or provinces in Canada.* Not now. Not ever. Never.

No private patients. No insurance company reimbursement. No business cards that read “Licensed Psychologist.” Your employment prospects will be severely limited. You will not be able to partake of the full benefits of being a psychologist. In short, you will have wasted thousands of dollars on graduate school and countless years of study and sacrifice.

What is the EPPP?
The EPPP is the examination that you must pass as part of the requirements to practice in nearly every state in the Union and almost all Provinces in Canada.

Creator of the EPPP
The EPPP is created by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards in the United States and Canada. The ASPPB is physically located in Montgomery, Alabama.

EPPP Content Areas
The EPPP exam consists of 225 multiple choice questions from eight content areas which are as follows:
  1. Biological bases of behavior
  2. Cognitive-affective bases of behavior
  3. Social and multicultural bases of behavior
  4. Growth and life-span development
  5. Assessment and diagnosis
  6. Treatment, intervention, and prevention
  7. Research methods and statistics
  8. Ethical, legal, and professional issues

EPPP Exam Locations
The EPPP test is administered at local Prometric testing centers on a computer. You have exactly four hours and fifteen minutes to complete the 225 questions on the EPPP exam.

You may think that, surely, since you have passed through a graduate school program in psychology and been awarded a doctoral degree that you will be able to easily answer the questions on the EPPP. After all, you are familiar with all of the content areas on the EPPP. You did well in all of your classes, and went to a highly competitive psychology program that was fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. You successfully wrote a dissertation or research project and even have experience in the field.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

EPPP Tricky Questions
These are some of the trickiest questions you will ever be tested on. Differences between the four answers to each question on the EPPP are extremely subtle. You must attempt to select the “best answer,” not necessarily the correct answer on the EPPP. Questions and answers are frequently negatively worded on the EPPP.

You must know which topics in each of the eight content areas the EPPP examination usually focuses on. You must both understand, and be able to apply, knowledge from each content area on the EPPP.
You may think, “Well, I'll just take the EPPP exam without much preparation and if I don't pass the EPPP I'll just keep taking the EPPP until I do.” Think again.

EPPP Registration
Taking the EPPP exam is expensive. The current administrative charge from the Prometric Testing Center to sit for the EPPP is $68. The charge from ASPPB for taking the EPPP exam is $450.

Before you can register to sit for the EPPP you must receive a Permission to Test letter from your state psychology board. State psychology boards charge you licensing and administration fees ranging from several hundred to over a thousand dollars as part of the process of obtaining permission to sit for the EPPP exam.

Limits On EPPP Testing Attempts
The ASPPB limits the number of times you may retake the EPPP exam. You may only take the EPPP exam up to four times per year. Most state psychology boards limit your ability to retake the EPPP exam even further. In some states after several failures on the EPPP you are required to explain to the state psychology board why you should be permitted to retake the EPPP exam again. You may be asked to do remedial work. They may impose a waiting period before you can retest on the EPPP. You will at least have to wait the time that the EPPP reapplication and approval process consumes. It may be months before you are authorized to retake the EPPP.

EPPP Retesting Fees
And each time you retake the EPPP exam, of course, you will need to repay fees to the state psychology board, the Prometric Testing Center, and the ASPPB.

No. Passing the Examination for the Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is no light matter. And that is why this web site exists to help guide you through the process. With the proper knowledge, strategies, skills, and preparation you can and will pass the EPPP.


*All U.S. states and Canadian provinces whose boards are members of ASPPB require applicants to pass the EPPP (except for Prince Edward Island and Quebec). However, Quebec requires out-of-province candidates to pass the EPPP.

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