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In the previous article we discussed the last of the three most popular EPPP study programs. Passing the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology requires more than the purchase of a commercial study program, as we will see in today’s article on the how to pass the test. Today at How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! we will discuss how to memorize the psychology content you need to pass the exam.

To pass the exam you must memorize the theories, concepts, theorists, formulas, and key terms that you will be tested for. The key term here is memorize. You may have purchased the most comprehensive study program available, but if when you sit down to take the exam you cannot remember the material, you simply will not pass.

For most test candidates, the problem with passing the exam is not that they do not understand the material. After all, if you completed a PhD or PsyD program in psychology, completed an internship, and wrote a dissertation, you are probably already quite familiar with most of the content of the test. No, understanding EPPP content is not the problem that most examinees have. The problem that most examinees have is remembering the vast amount of material covered by the eight domains of the test until they sit for the exam.

The Problem of Forgetting EPPP Study Materials

Did you know that 80% of all information you learn is forgotten within just one month? And that 95% is forgotten in 60 days? You should. After all, there is a large body of research going back to the 1800’s on the psychology of learning and memory. Sadly, most of this research has been ignored by the academic community.

EPPP Forgetting Curve
Projected Forgetting Curve with Reminder Intervals
(Click image for larger view.)

Graph from Wired Magazine article “Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm”

This graph of the forgetting curve demonstrates how rapidly we forget what we learn, as well as how long we can retain that same information if we are reminded at appropriate intervals.

How Most Examinees Try To Memorize EPPP Exam Content

Most examinees use the same study technique to memorize EPPP exam content. They read through commercial EPPP exam study programs. They listen to recorded lectures on EPPP content. They attend workshops on the EPPP. They take EPPP practice exams. They make notes on the EPPP. They make paper or word processor flashcards, or use the flashcards provided by some of the commercial study programs.

All of these methods have one thing in common. They are very inefficient. They do not make use of what scientists have learned over the years about how memory works. They do not take advantage of the techniques discovered by researchers on how the learning process works.

The student soon finds that he has forgotten the original material that he started out with. So he goes back, and studies the same material all over again, using the same inefficient techniques. And so the cycle goes.

The Vast Amount Of Material On The EPPP Exam

Can you study and retain the vast amount of material you need to know for the EPPP long enough to pass the exam? Sadly, for many examinees, the answer is “No.” The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology has a high failure rate. By the time you finish studying all the content domains, you’ve forgotten the initial material you studied. You then go back and restudy the same material you started with. Many examinees get caught up in an endless loop of restudying the same study material again and again.

There has to be a better way. Read on for the solution.

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