Review Of PsychPrep EPPP Study Materials (Part 1)

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In our last article at How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! we continued our discussion of the types of EPPP study materials available, and in particular, the use of commercially available EPPP test preparation materials. I discussed another popular commercially available EPPP study program, the Academic Review program (AR). Today, I continue our discussion of commercially available EPPP study materials by reviewing the PsychPrep program.

PsychPrep EPPP Study Materials

The PsychPrep EPPP program is somewhat newer than either the The Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences program (AATBS) , or the Academic Review program. The PsychPrep program, like the AATBS program, hails from California.

Similar to the other programs reviewed, the PsychPrep program is a very popular EPPP preparation program. The PsychPrep program offers four different packages of study materials, as well as the option to purchase individual preparation materials. The PsychPrep packages include some, or all, of the following: one comprehensive study volume of written psychology material covering all the domains on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, a 14 day live in person seminar on psychology content, 34 audio CDs version of the 14 day seminar, five online EPPP practice tests, online quizzes, online EPPP workshop questions, two day weekend workshop on the test's content and test taking strategies, and lastly, a home version of the weekend workshop. Be aware that, like the AATBS program and the AR program, access to the PsychPrep online tests and online materials are time and frequency limited. That is, you may only use the practice exams, workshop questions, and quizzes a limited number of times within a specified time period. To get an idea of what the EPPP questions on the practice tests are like, you definitely want to visit the PsychPrep website where they offer access to free EPPP sample questions online.

The PsychPrep EPPP preparation program is unique in that all of the written materials for the test content are contained in one volume of text, not in multiple volumes as in other programs. The PsychPrep program has the reputation of being the most concise EPPP preparation program. It attempts to cover only the material that you need to learn to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, rather than a exhaustive review of the entire field of psychology. Many students have reported that using the PsychPrep study materials is easier, takes less time to complete, and is less anxiety provoking than the, perhaps, overly comprehensive, study materials that comprise competing test preparation programs.

Coming Up Next

In our next article at How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! we continue our review of the PsychPrep program and tell you of more free offers!

Have you used the The Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences materials, PsychPrep, Academic Review, or Taylor Study Method? What was your experience with the program? Are you thinking of switching to a different program? Share your experiences by posting your comments below.


  1. Do NOT invest in Taylor Study Method... I did the whole program and did not pass.. Asked for help and did not receive it...Do not recommend it!! It is confusing the way they organize the material and their questions are Nothing like the test.. Took the test a month ago..

    1. That is too bad - I'm sorry that you didn't pass. I hope you pass next time. However, my experience with TSM has been the opposite - so far amazing support from their team, materials seem very well organized. I understand they just completed a thorough update with DSM-5. I've heard from so many reviews/forums from people who passed the test with TSM said the questions were similar. I do understand there are several versions of the actual EPPP.

    2. I agree. I do not recommend Taylor. It was not good compared to the other study methods

    3. I agree as well! I have taken the EPPP 3 times and failed each time with Taylor. They'd call me to "check in", but then I'd call back and get no response. Also, they are over-the-top in their marketing and it makes it seem like they're just out to make money. I also experienced them having extraneous information and their practice tests are VERY different from the EPPP questions.

    4. TSM is horrible..avoid it at all costs.

    5. Psychprep is a scam. All they want is your money. They could not give a rats ass if you pass or not. They are unsupportive and condescending. You would think that the people trying to help you pass a psychology test would have some empathy but I guess this is why they are in the test prep business and not practicing clinicians-cuz THEY WOULD SUCK AT IT! Stay far away from this company and find a private tutor. Psychprep will just tell you to keep taking their practice tests. They offer no feedback or support. They are very good at reminding you to continue your subscription and offering the wonderful suggestion of going somewhere far away to take their review course and spending more money that you probably do not have.

  2. I just sat for the EPPP 2 days ago. I used the Psychprep study package and found both the written materials and the whole set of quizzes and tests to be highly informative, clearly written, and the rationales for each question in the tests/quizzes to be highly informative. For the last 5 practice tests my scores ranged between 94% and 98%. That said, I wasn't remotely prepared for the shock of experiencing on the actual EPPP what seemed like maybe 25% of the content covered in the Psychprep package. Halfway through the test I thought, 'No way I'm passing this thing.' Ended up passing it by a few points. I was grateful to have passed, though the whole experience left me feeling like the whole testing industry is largely driven by profit motive, especially with how convoluted and cryptic so many of the questions on the actual EPPP were.


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